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CNC Turning and Milling Parts - Your One-Stop Solution for Precision Machined Components

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, businesses need to produce high-quality components quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. This is where CNC (computer numerical control) turning and milling shine - these advanced manufacturing techniques enable the mass production of precision parts to tight tolerances. As a leading turned parts manufacturer, we leverage the latest CNC machinery and skilled technicians to deliver custom machined components for diverse industries.

Our CNC Turning Capabilities
Turning is a machining process where rotational movement removes material from a cylindrical workpiece to create a desired shape. CNC turning employs programmable automation to precisely control factors like feed rate, spindle speed, depth of cut etc. We house an extensive range of CNC lathes to handle small batches as well as high-volume production. From single spindle to multi-spindle, 2-axis to live tooling, and conventional or CNC turning centers - our cutting-edge equipment can manufacture intricate parts from metals, plastics, and other materials.

Our CNC turning services include:

- Production of shafts, bushes, couplings, and other rotational parts
- Precision turning of tubes, rods, bar stock and castings
- Complex turned components with stringent tolerance demands
- Turning of awkward shapes using live tooling capabilities
- CNC threading, grooving, and drilling operations
- Finishing processes like polishing and deburring
- Suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastics, and more

We can manufacture anything from small precision turned parts to large diameter components up to 2000mm length. Our experienced engineers provide valuable suggestions to optimize your designs for manufacturability and functionality.

Advantages of CNC Turning:

- Consistent quality with minimum rejects
- Ability to hold ultra-tight tolerances
- Faster production rates and lower costs
- Highly suitable for mass production scenarios
- Flexible manufacturing with quick changeovers
- Minimal operator intervention required
- Increased shop floor safety from enclosed machines

Our CNC Milling Expertise

Milling employs rotary cutters to remove material and achieve the desired form and finishing on a workpiece. CNC milling takes this process to the next level, enabling 3-axis and 5-axis milling for complex parts. Our vertically integrated facility houses an assortment of CNC mills to cater to low, medium, and high-volume production. We can manufacture intriacte milled components from aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, brass, plastics, wood, and other materials.

Our CNC milling capabilities include:

- 3-axis and 5-axis precision milling
- Machining of plates, blocks, and flats
- Manufacturing prismatic parts, jigs, fixtures etc.
- Milling of dies, molds, prototypes and machine components
- Precision drilling, boring, tapping, and threading
- Creation of slots, pockets, contours, and cavities
- Finishing operations like deburring and polishing
- Volume production or short lead time prototyping

Benefits of CNC Milling:

- Ability to produce complex geometries unachievable by other processes
- Quick turnaround times even for intricate parts
- Consistent quality and dimensional accuracy
- High material utilization with automated tool paths
- Minimum setups using multi-axis capabilities
- Easy to modify designs by changing the CNC program
- Reduced need for skilled labor on the shop floor

Supporting Your CNC Needs End-to-End

We have been providing CNC turned parts and precision milled components to OEMs worldwide for over 25 years. Our 220,000 sq. ft. facility houses the latest CNC technology operated by experienced technicians and engineers. With a heightened focus on quality, on-time delivery, and continuous improvement, we aim to be your trusted one-stop manufacturing partner.

Our services include:

Engineering Support: Our engineers offer design for manufacturability inputs to optimize your components for CNC machining. We use Solidworks and other CAD software to provide manufacturing drawings.
CNC Machining: Our plant works round-the-clock with flexible shifts to meet your schedule and quality requirements. We also maintain a stable workforce and extensive equipment to handle fluctuating demand.
Quality Control: We have robust quality systems like first-article inspection, CMM, calibrated measurement tools, and more. Specialized testing like pressure, leak and functional testing can also be conducted.
Inventory Management: Our in-house warehousing and logistics ensure quick turnarounds for repeat orders. We can create customized inventory replenishment plans tailored to your needs.
Value-Added Services: We provide finishing processes like plating, anodizing, powder coating etc. Light assembly, labeling, customized packaging etc. can also be arranged according to your specifications.

Whether you need a fast prototype, low-volume batches, or mass production - we have the capability to manufacture high-precision turned and milled parts as per your requirements while maintaining complete traceability. As your manufacturing extension, we focus on providing exceptional service to help improve your product quality and deliver strategic advantages. Contact our engineers today to discuss your specific component needs. CNC Milling CNC Machining