Improve clamp orgnaization to raise the method of precision of machine tool job

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212 л of н с 1 boring of ф mill machine tool is the large facility that 90 age of my company import from Russia (220mm) of main shaft diameter, after machine tool put into production, y axis (main shaft box moves up and down) one straight short of machines precision, basically have the following problem: Machine Kong Shi, the center of aperture is high as tall as the center of the requirement error is big, amount to 1mm unexpectedly sometimes. Machine deep Kong Shi, what machine aperture axes line to tilt, parallelism short of asks. 1.

Pillar 2, 3, 5.

Clamp piece 4.

B 6 of pillar slideway face.

A 7 of pillar slideway face.

Pressure-relief valve 8.

One-way a powerful person 9.

Electromagnetism reversal valve 10.

Main shaft box pursues principle of control of orgnaization of clamp of axis of Y of 1 machine tool pursues 1.

Iron of a place of strategic importance 2.

Improvement clamp piece graph the orgnaizations of 2 Y axis clamp after improving control a principle to pursue 1.

Clamp piece noumenon 2.

Clamp slideway 3, 6.

Piston 4, 5.

Cupreous bolster plate pursues compose of 3 clamp cake is aimed at these two problems, technical personnel ever was opposite each slideway level spends the machine tool and verticality undertook adjustment, the effect is not apparent. For this, the author installed clip and school shift work to undertake spot observation and analysis to handlers, discover handlers loosens a circumstance to fall in axis of machine tool Y (box of facilitating main shaft moves up and down) school shift work, after school mix up, undertake Y axis clamp machining. This one phenomenon causes the author's attention. It is then after Y axis clamp, let handlers farewell undertake school nucleus to datum plane, discover machine tool main shaft " on become warped " 0.

8mm. This explains Y axis clamp caused main shaft deflection. If the graph is shown 1 times,orgnaization of clamp of axis of machine tool Y controls a principle, among them electromagnetism reversal valve clamp of axis of 9 control Y and loosen, pressure-relief valve 7 adjust Y axis the lubricant pressure of each slideway. Clamp piece 2, 3, box of 5 pairs of main shaft 3 direction clamp. Analyse through getting power knowable, deflection of 3 pairs of main shaft affects clamp piece the biggest. Further research, discover design of main shaft box has a balancing machine form again, when main shaft ram (W axis) when outward shift, centre of gravity of main shaft box also as reach. To prevent main shaft " bend head " , condole of the front on main shaft box hangs steel wire to be tightened up automatically, its tighten up force and ram of machine tool main shaft (W axis) displacement estimates direct ratio, make main shaft box has " on become warped " trend, remove the effect of prolapse of main shaft ram to machining precision thereby. Will look from this, main shaft box and A of scale of pillar slideway union, B must have a reasonable space, ability realizes the compensation function of balancing machine compose. After clamp of axis of machine tool Y, clamp piece 3(is located in ministry of main shaft roof) make an active force arises between main shaft box and pillar, there is space in active force direction as a result of main shaft box and pillar again, make main shaft case appears after Y axis clamp thereby " become warped first " phenomenon. To solve this problem, the author is mixed to means of clamp of axis of machine tool Y lubricant make the following technology improve (graph 2) . Demolish clamp piece 3, meantime installs iron of wedge a place of strategic importance, adjust iron of a place of strategic importance to make stay between main shaft box and pillar slideway have reasonable space. A clamp piece was designed on main shaft box, if the graph is shown 2 times,install the position, the structure of clamp piece sees a picture 3. Should clamp piece uses double-faced clamp means, among them clamp slideway installation is on machine tool pillar, its job principle is in passing clamp piece left, right 5 pistons fall in the action of pressure oil, drive cupreous bolster plate to make its are pressed on clamp slideway, achieve the goal of clamp thereby. In significant active force arising to be F=10pmPD2/4 type after clamp: F -- the significant active force of the generation after clamp, n µ -- the coefficient of friction between cupreous bolster plate and clamp slideway, take µ=0.

19P -- the pressure oily actuating pressure in clamp piece, p=2MPa D -- piston diameter, d=80mm reachs through computation the significant active force of the generation after clamp is 19000N, and the significant active force that former clamp orgnaization produces is 16000N, the clamp of apparent and contented machine tool asks. Pass analysis getting power, improvement clamp piece make main shaft box does not have motive outside force in horizontal way after clamp. Achieved improvement goal consequently. The lubricant oil path that improved axis of machine tool Y (graph 2) , make Y axis has from beginning to end oil-lubricated, stable oily film stiffness maintains between main shaft box and pillar slideway face, reduced the to machine tool precision effect after clamp of main shaft box. Still added main shaft case additionally the lubricant oil path of A of face of contrary column slideway, B, in order to reduce range of this two slideway wear away. When the when the machine tool W axis after improving, Z axis reachs place of the biggest limit, clamp Y axis, measure winner axial to go up only deflection 0.

01mm left and right sides, can assure the treatment precision of the spare parts. CNC Milling CNC Machining