The hand moves laser beam welding to receive / cut operating system

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Brief introduction: Solder with fixed laser implement the advantage that compares: The new-style hand of development moves head of laser beam machining to use the Nd of fiber-optic coupling: YAG laser, solder with fixed laser implement the photograph is more multiple than having its more advantage: 1) can pass connect of artificial and mobile solder, undertake soldering at will to large work. Solder the operation is handy and optional, solder connect is the heaviest it is 950 grams only. 2) to little work solder, can choose a hand to move arbitrarily or operate mode fixedly: The hand moves an operation: Can solder at will to workpiece. Secure mode: Simple and easy tool / 3 axes rotate systematic clip maintains solder contact, undertake soldering through mobile workpiece. Subtle solder the process can undertake real time monitoring through TFT monitor. Technical parameter: The hand uses the main application field of laser system: Its widest application is in all sorts of nicety treatment, nicety is repaired, in the industry such as accurate metal finishing, be like: Weather strip of assembly of device of equipment of finishing of component of nicety of mould rehabilitate, car, medical treatment, vacuum, laminose treatment, moire canal, appearance, sensor, car, chemical industry, can satisfy you any nicety solder / cut requirement. Solder the CCD in the operation soldering in the operation photographs like the head + monitor is main function characteristic: 1) the interact between person and process of laser beam machining: Because solder the complexity of workpiece, even if be the slight change of speed of welding wire feed only, or the trifling change that is working space, can make solder the process breaks down, the result is welding line is gotten in certain place solder incorrect, and in other place material in order to warm up exorbitant. Occurrence hole of as a result. And what the new-style hand that Mobil Laser Tec develops moves head of laser beam machining to pass the odd job of person and head of laser beam machining is alternant, can avoid these problems completely surely. 2) the treatment process that realizes stability: 3) solder process security: The security of laser makes the action in the process hold the balance in welder A.

All treatment system all uses safe sensor, stimulate the ability when beam of light is machining head bring into contact with to need treatment work only to give out. B.

Lens can make dispersive processing to the focus, lens carries the vitreous case protection that can be assembled and unassemble easily, prevent its to be polluted. C.

Solder for protection bath, protective gas undertakes protective to its. D.

The hand moves treatment head to still deserve to have photography pinhead, except can observe accurate laser is apart from anxious position, still had the effect of sensor, in case sensor did not contact workpiece, stimulate beam of light to cannot be given out. E.

When undertaking soldering operating, match Dai Jiguang to solder special defend glasses. S3000D solders operation head OF200 solders operate a 3 axes clip of adjustable solder connect holds systematic handiwork to operate a head to add aid lighting installation   4) assure to solder accurately A. Solder the process is become with CCD camera, on small-sized monitor real time observation solders process; B. The area that stimulates job of beam of light appears crossed finger, accurate demarcate solders the position, assure to solder accurately     5) differ two kinds solder technique: A. Add material to undertake piling filling solder with filiform, basically use at repairing cutting tool and mould B. Use at the juncture solder of thin wall component, solder for instance the stencil steel that austenite fine steel makes solders the effect is main configuration and technical standards: 1) laser power source 2) the hand moves solder / cut head 3) supportive system: The 3 axes that place the connect that hold solder rotate system (the hand is moved / automatic) (in order to satisfy pair of large area solder and the need that grow seam welding)   4) fiber-optic CNC Milling CNC Machining