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Title: Finding the Right CNC Turned Parts Manufacturer for Your Metal and Brass Components

Intro: When you need high-quality, precision-machined metal and brass components for your products, choosing the right CNC turning parts manufacturer is critical. CNC lathes utilize computer numerical control to produce turned parts to exact specifications efficiently and accurately. This article provides guidance on factors to consider when selecting a reliable CNC turned parts producer to meet your manufacturing needs.

Selecting an Experienced CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer

The CNC turning parts manufacturer you choose should have extensive experience successfully producing components similar to yours. Look for a company in business for 10+ years with proven expertise creating precision metal and brass turned parts in the quantities you require. Examine their website and request examples of CNC turned parts they’ve manufactured for other clients. Ask about their experience with materials like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, and plastics. Choose a manufacturer accustomed to delivering the volumes you need, whether prototype batches or full-scale production runs.

Capabilities of Leading CNC Turning Parts Manufacturers

Top CNC turning parts manufacturers offer a wide range of production capabilities ideal for metal and brass components. Look for companies able to perform basic turning, facing, boring, grooving, chamfering, parting, threading, drilling, tapering, knurling, radiusing, and other machining operations on their CNC lathes. They should offer secondary services like deburring, chamfering, annealing, heat treating, finishing, and more. Leading manufacturers can produce precision cross drilled, tapped, and milled brass and metal turned parts suited to your exact specifications. Be sure to ask about maximum part size capacities as well.

Quality Control and Inspection Standards

Reputable CNC turned parts producers have stringent quality control and inspection procedures in place at every stage of the machining process. They often maintain ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications, requiring the highest quality standards. The company should subject machined components to CMM inspections, surface roughness testing, functional testing, pressure/leak tests, and dimensional accuracy inspections. Reliable manufacturers will provide you with documentation and certifications for all inspections and quality control measures.

Secondary Processing Capabilities

Many CNC turning companies offer secondary processing beyond just precision turning, saving you time and hassle. Look for manufacturers able to provide supplementary services like CNC milling, drilling and tapping, broaching splines, welding, deburring, finishing, anodizing, heat treating, plating, powder coating, and more. They should have experience post-processing turned metal and brass parts to customer requirements. Choosing a company with in-house secondary capabilities speeds production and is more affordable.

Material Sourcing Expertise

The right CNC turned parts producer will have established supply chain contacts and material sourcing expertise. They should be able to secure the necessary metals and brass for production of your components, whether common or exotic alloys. A longstanding manufacturer will have reliable metal suppliers they've worked with for years who can deliver what you need, when you need it. Ask about their sourcing abilities for metals like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, alloys, plastics, and other materials.

Customer Service and Project Management

Look for outstanding customer service when selecting a CNC turning parts manufacturer. You want experts who ask questions, understand your needs, and provide solutions. Choose a producer that assigns you an account manager for your projects. They should proactively communicate about timelines, project status, specs, and any issues that arise. Reliable CNC turning manufacturers have seasoned project managers that stay involved from quote to delivery.


Choosing the right CNC turning parts manufacturer is key to achieving the high quality metal and brass components required for your products. Experienced CNC machining experts with proven capabilities can efficiently produce precision turned parts to your specifications. Keep these factors in mind when selecting a manufacturing partner to meet your unique machining and supply chain needs. The ideal CNC turning company will deliver exceptional service, quality, and value on every job. CNC Milling CNC Machining