Punch emulates software

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French ESI group announces on EuroPAM congress, roll out the PAM-STAMP 2G software of 2004 version formally to the market, this is a when undertake emulation to metallic stamping workpiece very competitive software. PAM-STAMP 2G punch emulates plan to include several module: Research of PAM-DIEMAKER in order to controls makings face and craft complement aspect with what optimize stamping workpiece; PAM-QUIKSTAMP in order to evaluates the figuration sex of stamping workpiece quickly; PAM-AUTOSTAMP in order to undertakes test and verify to the character of figuration craft, stamping workpiece and tolerance function. The PAM-STAMP 2G software of 2004 version has a variety of new functions, in order to promote the production of the user efficiency, the parameter that for instance the project designs changes a function, this one function can make the user accumulates the experience previously, repeat use existing model; There is the tool that builds a report through be based on Web net in new function additionally, can be much person to share information to offer between the project environment of true cooperation type so convenient. The software of version still undertook ameliorative in the respect of other 2004, it is better to include to be able to expect to pressing face figure undertakes optimize, to figuration craft can have better opinion, can undertake more accurate, faster emulation to spring back phenomenon. One still includes among the software of new version special the distributed collateral computation that applies to craft of much pace punch seeks solution implement. CNC Milling CNC Machining